4 Applications For Sharing And Getting Blackberry PIN Of Nigerians

Many people want to get as many contacts as possible on their Blackberry Messenger as soon as they buy it and hence start searching for means to add contacts and meet different guys and guys via BBM. Some people do this for the fun of it, some to show off that they have many contacts on their Blackberry Messenger while some do it to get potential customers on their palm. I do that last one too. Whichever one you are doing it for, I’m going to show you some apps you can use to get started. You don’t have to start downloading and deleting several apps till you see the one that works. I have tried the apps on this list and they work!

Three of the applications namely Pinshare, Smoothie and Pinbook have a global coverage, you just have to choose your own location by using the available filters. NaijaPings on the other hand and as the name suggets, is dedicated for sharing Blackberry PIN in Nigeria. I consider it the best application to get PIN of guys, babes and potential customers in Nigeria.

Applications For Sharing Blackberry PIN Available In Nigerians

All th applications described in this post are free!

PINShare for BBM – FREE

PinShare™ is a BlackBerry® app that quickly and easily allows you to connect via BBM with thousands of new people from around the world.

You can view several profiles within minutes and when you get a profile that you would like to chat with, send a message safely without exposing or giving away your PIN. Once connected to the person, you will then be able to chat directly through BBM

Download PINShare for BBM – Free From Appworld


This chat app allows you to creare custom profiles with a picture, interests and a display name. It makes use of BlackBerry Messenger to find new BBM friends for you. You can use the filters available to find a specific type of friend, e.g by sex, interest, location, etc. It also allows you to add people you meet to BBM from within the application.

The application use terms related to Smoothie, for example, you meet a new person in the Blender, join conversations in the Coffee Shop, etc.

Download Smoothie from AppWorld

Pinbook BBM App for BlackBerry

Pinbook is a free and easy-to-use application. Pinbook allows you to find new friends based on information like sex, interests and location. Download from appworld and after installing, connect it to your BBM. Once you have done that, you can create a user profile in which you share some basic information with other Pinbook users. Meet as many people as you desire this way! I must add that it is only compatible with all BlackBerry Smartphones running OS 5.0 and up

Download Pinbook on Blackberry Appworld


NaijaPings is an application which after successful installation and registration allows a Blackberry user looking to meet Nigerians search for other Blackberry users in Nigeria using filters such as Sex, Age and Religion. NaijaPings also shares news and latest information from around the world.

To connect to someone, simply make your search and add the person and they will be automatically added to your Blackberry Messenger, from where you can chat them up. You can get more about NaijaPings and Download link Here!

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