5 Blackberry Display Pictures (DP) Download Websites

One of the things that makes Blackberry interesting is the Blackberry Messenger and one of the things that makes BBM fun is the Display Pictures (DP) used by your BBM Contacts. You can keep yourself busy and entertained by just viewing Display Pictures (Blackberry DP) of the contacts on your Blackberry Messenger. Some can even enlighten you, some to send a message, some motivational and some to share your mood with your contacts.

In this post, I have compiled a list of websites where you can download Blackberry Messenger Display Pictures to use and share on your BBM. You must have seen some of them before because they are quite popular and many people already download Blackberry DPs from there.


1. MyOwnDP

MyownDP prides itself as the major creator of unique Blackberry DPs in Nigeria. They create beautiful and original Display Pictures that that can help communicate your mood, status, relationship, lifestyle, goals, as well as share jokes with your Blackberry Messenger Contacts.

You can downlaod Display Pcitures by browsing their categories and downloding the DPs of your choice. To download Blackberry DP on on MyOwnDP, Click Here!

2. DpDp.mobi

This is another popular DP site but not as popular as MyOwnDP in Nigeria as far as I am concerned, probably because they create DPs to capture audience from every part of the world unlike MyOwnDP which create DPs peculiar to Nigerian situations. They only create a handful of what’s Nigerian. They create Display Pictures for use on your BBM, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Visit DpDp to download Blackberry DPs

3. Gif4bbm.com

This website shares animated display pictures in gif format with Blackberry users on the internet. Animated DPs are those ones that have moving texts or figures and they can be really fun to check out on BBM. They create animated Blackberry DP in different categories for different kind of people and different moods. Categories include dancing, funny, animals, sports, love, letters, star signs, etc.

4. BBM-Animated.com

It provides a selection of animated BBM display pictures. You can Browse through their selection and select those that delight you for use as your BBM DP.

It requires that you have the latest BBM version – Animated Avatars is supported from BBM 6.1 and onwards, get it directly from the BlackBerry.com download site or from Blackberry Appworld.

Download Free Blackberry DP from BBM-Animated

3. GetDP

GetDP is Nigerian but they also provide a wide range of Avatars that anyone anywhere in the world can use. They make display pictures for Blackberry Messenger, YIM, 2go and even Facebook. Their avatars come in different categories ranging from Love and Romantic Messages DP, Funny DPs, Seasons’ greetings and more.

To download Avatars on GetDP, Click here!

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