BBM Icon Disappeared After Upgrade To Version 7 (BBM 7)

I’ve been getting this particular tweets severally at my Twitter handle (@cynamix) that BBM icon disappeared after they upgraded from their previous version of Blackberry Messenger to BBM 7. This can be really frustrating. Although, I’ve not been in that situation before but I could sense that in the nature of tweets and DMs sent to me. This is getting more and more prevalent by the day on Blackberry. There seems to be one issue or the other when an upgrade like this is made. Such was the case when and upgrade of Blackberry Appworld was made. People couldn’t locate the icon and hence could not use Appworld. If you are facing that problem, here’s the solution.

Back to the issue of the disappearing BBM icon, first you need to check if BBM is installed on your Device. You can do this by going to Options » Applications. Check if BBM is installed. If it is, then you should then check if the icon is not by any chance hidden.

On your home screen, click the Options button and select “Show All Icons”. Enter into every folder and do the same until you find it. If this proof abortive, then proceed to the next paragraph.

Check the version of your BBM and the version of your OS. Note that you must be running OS 6 or higher as I described in the post that talked about the announcement of BBM7. If you are not running any of OS 6 or higher, and you can find BBM 7 installed by going to Options » Applications, then you have to downgrade BBM even if you are using OS6 or higher versions.

To check for the version of BBM that would work for your device, you can use this link to see a list and download BBM for your device OS.

Note that you must have deleted BBM 7 from your device. Delete it from your list of applications by going to Options » Applications.

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