Blackberry Social Feed – Social Networks, News And Blog Feed In One App

I own a Blackberry Bold 9790 (Bold 6) and this application called Social Feeds 2.0 came pre-installed on it. I initially neglected it and went on to configure the basic features of the Blackberry phone. When I later got to it, I felt I should have configured it earlier.

Social Feed app lets you stay up-to-date with your social networks and receive the latest news and information from the blogs and websites you choose all in one place, on a single application.

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According to RIM and which I’ve confirmed myself:

The Social Feed application in the Social view, allows users to view updated feeds from their social applications such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, as well as their instant messaging applications such as Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, etc. You can also post updates to your social networks and update your instant messaging statuses right from this application.

While in the News mode, you can read RSS web feeds and blogs. It has the option to let you view full feed items in the browser, this will take you to the originating website on the browser. You can also create views and search your feeds by keywords.

Configuring Social Networks on Social Feed

From my own experience, Social Feed automatically adds any social application it discovers on your Blackberry phone to its streams and you can start to see updates of your social activities on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace on the Soacial Feed app.

Configuring and Customizing Feeds and Views

Some Feed from Reuters News are already pre-configured here, just click on your choice, press the options button and choose “Save”. You can easily add your own by clicking the options button and scroll to “Add RSS Feed”, you will be provided with a list of popular feeds that you can choose from. If you wish to add your own feed that is not on the list, just type the feed URL and click “Search RSS Feed at”, the site feed will show up. Check the radio button beside it, press the options button and select “Save”.

Don’t forget to add cynamix feed to your feeds. Just follow the steps above and type in cynamix feed URL – This way, you can get to read the latest on cynamix in your Social Feed App.

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