Buy Affordable Blackberry Phones With Home Delivery Online In Nigeria

If you don’t have a Blackberry Smartphone in Nigeria today, it’s either you don’t want to or because you have been living under the rock. I hate to hear people say these phones are expensive when you consider the presence of online Blackberry stores like PhoneBookNG which sells affordable and relatively cheap phones online. They deliver the phone directly to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria. If you even live in Lagos, you can get it that same day.


Many people claim that Blackberry smartphones are overrated and that’s why they are not using one, nonsense. I started using a Blackberry smartphone when I discovered how much I spend on Etisalat internet subscriptions monthly, all thanks to Etisalat. Etisalat provides one of the cheapest internet subscriptions in the industry and that’s why I kept faith with them back then. Long after I started using their internet plans, they started a promo in which they give 30% or so of whatever I recharged on my Etisalat SIM then. My Etisalat SIM was only used for browsing and whatever amount I recharged was meant for surfing the internet. The wake-up cal came when in a month, Etisalat gave me like N900 as 30% of what I spent in that month. It was then I got to know that I spent over N3000 on internet in that single month. This amount on internet plan that I did not even enjoy 24 hours; internet plans with limited bandwidth. That was when I bought a Blackberry Smartphone.

With a Blackberry smartphone today, you can subscribe to internet for a whole month from just N1500. That makes a whole lot of sense to me. You can read more about reasons why you need a Blackberry smartphone.

When buying a Blackberry smartphones, you have to be very careful where you buy them. Some sell refurbished phones to you as new phones and the phones start developing problems weeks after buying from them. With online phone stores like Phonebookng, you are guaranteed of getting a good phone. They give what they promise and offer very competitive price in Nigeria. I don’t know if I should tell you more about them but I think they are worth mentioning. I do this once in a while when I see a very useful website, not just sites selling stuffs but anyone at all that can be of use to us.

I know I have been able to convince some people at this point to get their own smartphones. Now you just need to visit their Phonebookng website where phones are showcased. You can place your order and also contact them using the following information:

Address: Unit 27, Block B Alausa Shopping Complex, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 08129051800
BB pin: 32FAE582

Note that they also have iPhones in stock but I just want to talk about Blackberry. I am not a marketer of PhonebookNG, so any questions you have about their products should be directed to them. This is a sponsored post on Cynamix Blog.

Get your own Blackberry today and get Facebook, Twitter, Email, and the rest of internet in your pocket. It’s cheaper than most people think. Many Blackberry users would normally inflate the price so that you can respect them. Go get your own too today!

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