Don’t Rule RIM Out Of The Mobile Game Of Thrones Yet

With so much losses, evaporating market share, and enough competitive pressure to push it out of relevancy or even existence, you’d think Research In Motion would show a bit of urgency in the release of Blackberry 10 devices which I talked about in an earlier post into the market but the company is rather going the other way. They are postponing the release of Blackberry 10 to early 2013 as opposed the earlier announced 2012.


Company executives say they believe the extra time will pay off with a more complete product.

“Doing it right is more important than doing it fast,” Richard Piasentin, RIM’s managing director for the U.S., said in an interview with CNET. “We won’t release a subpar product.”

With all these issues springing up coupled with downsizing and the aftermath of the “Playbook failure”, I still insist that it’s too early to write RIM off of competition in the Smartphone market if the following report is anything to go by.

In an editorial published Tuesday in Canada’s Globe and Mail, CEO Thorsten Heins stuck up for BlackBerry 10, which he says he’s “committed” to releasing in the first part of next year:

BlackBerry 10 will connect users not just to each other, but to the embedded systems that run constantly in the background of everyday life — from parking meters and car computers to credit card machines and ticket counters.

According to CNET, it’s a pretty clear reference to QNX, the operating system that RIM bought a few years back with a long history of influence in the embedded systems market. QNX real-time operating systems can be found all over, but especially in places where security and precision is paramount, including in medical devices, public transit, air traffic control, nuclear power plants and aboard the International Space Station.

In another publication yesterday in the Globe and Mail, Heins answered a question from a reader about the delayed BlackBerry 10 release with this:

BlackBerry 10 is more than just a new smartphone. It’s an entirely new way of thinking about BlackBerry — new software powering new devices and new services. While our competitors update their offerings, BlackBerry 10 will be the only mobile platform built from the ground up with the latest technologies in mind — whether it’s mobile video chat or near-field communications that enable you to use your handset like a wallet.

Let’s hope they know what they are doing and wait patiently for Blackberry 10. This might just be what Blackberry users have been waiting for. It might just bring Blackberry back into relevance and bring it’s glory back once again. Just maybe. Maybe because Android and iOS are not sleeping too!


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    Just hoep blackberry is not dead before then. They are just releasing different series without much improvements. Can someone tell me why there should be a Blod 3.

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    Hey peeps, ditch blackberry. If you are not using android, you are on the long thing.

    • Reply July 7, 2012

      Ahmed Ogundimu

      Like I said in the post. I wouldn’t rule them out yet. Let’s see how the Blackberry 10 is able to propel them first.

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