Glo Blackberry Internet Subscription (BIS) Packages & Subscription / Activation Codes

Glo has it’s rates for Blackberry Service reduced by 42% sometimes ago. This is applicable to the Unlimited Glo Blackberry Internet Plans only which is very much different from the Glo “Complete” Blackberry Internet Plans. Those are relatively cheaper but do not have all the feature of this Unlimited plan.

Monthly BlackBerry SUbscription Plan was reduced to N2,800 with that of MTN still at N3,000 while Weekly Subscription Plan is now N900 and the Daily Subscription Plan is N300.

To activate the Monthly Package, text “bismonth” to 777. To activate the Weekly Package, Text “bisweek” to 777. To activate the Daily Package, text “bisday” to 777.

There is no point spelling out what and what you get in this plan. This is the unlimited plan that allows you to use just any application available of course; except for services like video streaming which requires you to be on the Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES). You can use your Blackberry Appworld and Blackberry Protect with this plan. Many Blackberry users don’t know how useful Blackberry Protect is and thus don’t pay much attention to it. Don’t make that mistake.


BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) Packages, Keywords, Price (Service rental), Validity & Data Transfer Limit (Data Bundle)

Package: BIS Month
Keyword: BISMONTH to 777
Service Rental: N2,800
Validity: 30 days
Data bundle: UNLIMITED

Package: BIS Week
Keyword: BISWEEK to 777
Service Rental: N900
Validity: 7 Days
Data bundle: UNLIMITED

Package: BIS Day
Keyword: BISDAY to 777
Service Rental: N300
Validity: 24 Hours
Data bundle: UNLIMITED

Text ‘STATUS’ to 777 to check the usage status of your current subscription. With this, you can check the expiry date of your plan and some other information as applicable.

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