Many people that intend to start a blog normally have store of blog posts that give them the confidence of building and maintaining a blog successfully. Some are just Bloggers by accident who find themselves stranded at the point of adding content to the blog.

At a point, even the Bloggers that think they have a lot of posts get stranded when they exhaust the posts they have. It happens especially if you don’t make it a point of duty to write new articles daily. You can’t be lazy as a Blogger. That’s if you want to be successful anyway. It has happened to me before too. When I exhausted all my posts, I had to change the date of some previously posted articles to the present date to make it look as if the blog was up-to-date.

I started to brainstorm and searched the internet and came up with some ideas. With these solutions, you can get FREE ARTICLES for your blog. Of course, you have to edit and make some changes to these Articles.

Where to get articles from:

  6. Open Content Page at the Open Directory Project:
  7. You can also follow some top bloggers in your niche on twitter and keep track of their latest blog posts.

After you get these articles, you have to make some changes like I pointed out earlier. Some will require that you make significant changes especially if they are gotten from foreign writers. I always advise bloggers to read through the articles to edit them but some people just like the “sharp-sharp” stuffs.

Here are some lazy man’s tools to edit an article:

==> Make use of Microsoft Word: Open your article with Microsoft word. Right-click on a word or highlight and right-click on a group of words and click on the “synonyms” option, a list of related words would be displayed. Click on the word or phrase you desire and read the whole statement if it still makes sense.

==> Make use of article re-writer: You can search the internet and get both free and paid article rewriter.

You can also make use of this free article RE-WRITER TOOL ONLINE.

Hope this helps!

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    Thank you for this nice article. I’m just planning to start a blog. I have some posts I want to make and I already though about it that at a time, there will be no more posts. Thx

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