You must know that Google only pay Adsense publishers from Nigeria by Cheque and Cheque only. I’m sorry you have no option at the moment. Wondering what Google Adsense is? Read Introduction To Google Adsense.
The cheque comes in Euro (€) and many Nigerian Adsense Publishers find this rather disturbing because you have to wait for up a week or two before the cheque arrives Nigeria and also might take up to twenty working days before the cheque is cleared at your local bank in Nigeria depending on the Bank you are dealing with.

There are other payment options available in other countries. We have Paypal, Western Union Money Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer but Nigerian publishers can only redeem their earnings by cheque.

So how do I cash the cheque here in Nigeria?

It’s easy. You need a domiciliary account for this.
This is a US Dollar Bank Account that you will have to open and operate at your local bank; and this is the account into which your cheque will be cleared into.
I normally use Guarantee Trust Bank and it only took $100 (N15,000 give or take) to open this account.
Some people do close the Account immediately after clearing the money and withdrawing it so that they can have their N15,000 in the Account.
NOTE: The Account is FREE in most banks, it’s just that your minimum balance must be N15,000.

Requirements for Opening a Domiciliary Account:

  • A National ID card or driver’s license or international passport
  • A recent utility e.g. PHCN bill
  • Two referees each operating a current account in any Nigerian bank (preferably in your bank of choice for quick verification)

If you use GTBank, that’s all you need to provide. Some banks like Intercontinental Bank charge $150 while some like First Bank will ask you to open their domiciliary account with $500! It varies from Bank to Bank.

After you have opened the account, drop the cheque for processing. Like I said before, It might take up to twenty one days before the checque is cleared into your account!



I recently opened a Domiciliary Account with Diamond Bank and they charged $250 but you can withdraw this money after a short while- a few days. As this is not the scope of this article, let me go straight to the point.

After opening a domiciliary account with them and dropping my Google Adsense Cheque, $38 was deducted to ship the cheque to Citibank Europe that issued the check to clear it. I must also say that 1% of the amount you have on the cheque or N5,000 depending on which is higher will be deducted by the Bank.

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