How To Get Free 3GB Data On MTN For A Month Free Browsing

The free 3GB MTN data plan for free browsing that one can get by sending “100H” to “131″ is no longer news. It is everywhere and in fact many people already blogged about it. I must tell you this free browsing might stop anytime soon the way people have published it everywhere, MTN cannot give 3GB free data just like that for free browsing. In fact, if any network will give free 3GB Data, it is not MTN.

Free MTN 3GB Data Free Browsing

I’m publishing this because I also want my own readers too to benefit from this. I did not talk about the previous one called “MAGIG SIM” in which we get unlimited MB of data for free browsing, many people published it and it was stopped. We use the 2H MTN Data Plan for that trick then. I don’t want same to happen now. I must tell my readers.

How To Get The Free 3GB Data On MTN

Like I said above, just send “100H” to “131″ to get the free 3GB MTN data plan and start browsing free. It might not go the first time, just continue to send until you get their message. You can browse free with this free MTN data on any device including PC, iPhones, Android-based phones (including the latest Tecno Phones).

Let me know how this works out for you by making your comments.


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