How To Opt Out Of Automatic Etisalat Blackberry Voice Plan Subscription

If Etisalat is automatically subscribing you to their Blackberry Voice Plan and you wish to opt-out, here are few steps you should take to stop Etisalat automatic subscription to voice plan. I don’t need to tell you how to know if you are being automatically subscribed because it’s so clear to everyone in this problem. They simply deduct N100 everyday when you recharge and this is not good at all. I know because I was once a victim of it.

This problem started sometimes ago when I posted an article about how to to use Etisalat Blackberry Internet Subscription on your PC with some DNS settings and since then, everyone that tried it has been facing this problem. I used it too. It’s even more annoying that the DNS Settings is no longer working. I have managed to find a solution though and you can make use of it if you have the same issues too.

How to Stop or Opt-out from Automatic Etisalat Blackberry Voice Plan Subscription

Here is how I solved the problem:

1. Recharge your phone with N200 and Etisalat will immediately deduct N100. You now have a balance of N100.
2. The next step is to dial *399*2# on your phone and Etisalat should stop subscribing you to their voice plans automatically.

You should be able to recharge and enjoy your credit like before, without the fear of N100 deduction. I should also point out that the steps above did not work for some people but they were able to solve it by migrating to the Etisalat Easy Cliq plan. You can do this by dialing *244*1#.
If after this you still can’t solve this, call Etisalat Customer Care.

Hope this helps!


  • Reply August 4, 2012


    Well, Ahmed, as much as U ar enthused abt Tech-info, d last statement abt calling d Customer Care is the best statement U made, rather dan gamble bcos Etisalat has d most responsive Customer Care Service in Naaija Telecomm. U wud b told d best way to Opt out of d “various” (abt 4) bb plans dey hav. Don’t gamble!

    • Reply August 4, 2012

      Ahmed Ogundimu

      I have tried the first step above and it worked out for me and I thought it would be nice to share it. On the part of their customer being the most responsive, I would say it has change of late. I called etisalat twice last week and they just cut me off after holding on for more than 45minutes on both occasions! You are lucky to be enjoying that.

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