How To Post Your Blog Posts To Your Facebook Wall Automatically

It’s a shame that I haven’t written about this before and I was surprised when a reader brought this to my knowledge. One of my regular readers informed me he was going to start a blog and he’s already working on it; he has been doing well I must say. He recently asked me how he could automatically post his blog posts to his Facebook wall like I do. I just asked him to search Cynamix Blog to get the information and I was shocked when he told me there is nothing of such there. I had to search myself and confirmed it was true. This is what informed this post today and I hope you find it useful.

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If you have a blog and you are not automatically posting your blog posts to your Facebook and Twitter walls, then you might be missing out on this FREE and easy method to get huge traffic to your blog. This method brings free traffic from Facebook to your site and the tools that helps you achieve this are also absolutely free. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Tools To Help Post Your Blog Posts To Your Facebook Wall Automatically

Before we go on, I assume you already know what an RSS Feed is because we are going to be making use of RSS in some of the services I’m going to discuss. I have written several articles on RSS with the one talking about how to get many RSS Subscribers getting so much love. There is also a Sleek RSS widget I have that you can make use of to attract more RSS Subscribers. That’s just by the way, let’s go.

1. Twitterfeed : Twitterfeed is a feed that allows you to send your blog’s feed to not just Twitter as the name suggests but also to Facebook. You have to provide the URL of your blog’s RSS feed and how often you want posts to Facebook and Twitter. If you are using a self-hosted WordPress blog then your blog’s feed URL should look like

To get started, go to and register. Log in after your registration has been confirmed and click on “Create New Feed”. You will be shown a short form to fill. Fill the required information; “Feed Name” and “Blog URL or RSS Feed URL”. The feed name can be anything, just for identification purpose. There are also “Advance Settings” but you can leave that for now and just continue to Step 2. I hope to write on how to make use of this Advance Settings soon to show how to make the most of twitterfeed to get strong Twitter presence.

In Step 2, you should get a message that feed was successfully created. Now you have three Social community options you can post to, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Since this tutorial is about Facebook, click on Facebook link. On the next page, click the “Connect with Facebook” button, fill in your Facebook username and password; and authenticate. Click “Create Service” and all done. You are done!

You can now go back to the Feed you just set up and set the Advance Settings. The most important there is how often you want Twitterfeed to post your Blog Posts to your wall. You can set that under “Update Frequency”.

2. Wordbooker : This is a WordPress plugin for bloggers using WordPress, it allows you to cross-post your blog posts to your Facebook Wall and to any Facebook Fan Page / Group that you are an administrator for. The fact that you can post to Facebook Group is what I like most. Twitterfeed and (seesmic) can post to your wall and Facebook pages but not to Facebook Group.

Wordbooker gives you the option to post as an extract, a status update or even as a note. This will be determined by you based on what you want to achieve with posting blog posts to Facebook.

PLEASE NOTE : You MUST have the PHP Curl module enabled and configured in such a way that it can connect to the Facebook servers on a secure HTTP connection. If you are not sure you have this, you can ask your host about it.

These are just the two easy and absolutely free methods ways I have used in the past to automatically send my blog posts to Facebook. I once used before they became seesmic but I left them because you could only create one feed back then and another that I tried briefly before I started experiencing problems using it is RSS Graffiti. I don’t know how these two services are doing now, maybe you can help with information on that if you still use them.

I hope this helps you!


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    Macaulay Eazydon

    This is a really helpful post and it sure will help beginners who are looking to increase traffic to their blogs or sites. But one can also make use of I make use of it with twitterfeed on naijatell and they update my twitter and Facebook pages immediately I post anything on my blog.

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      Thank you for stopping by and dropping your comment. Thanks for adding more value to the post by telling us about networkedblogs. Thank you!

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    need to start my own blog bt just dont know how. I need help and guide. Pls

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