How To Schedule Posts Publishing In WordPress Blog

Scheduling a post in WordPress to post at a later date or time is very easy. You only need to edit a few settings and you can publish your post at any date you want, even a past date. Yes, it’s possible too.

There are several reasons you might want to manipulate the date of publication of a blog post. They include but are not limited to the following:

1. You don’t want a post to appear on your home page: I do this a lot and I will continue to do it. There are some posts that I think I should have posted a long time ago and I think it wouldn’t speak well to have them on my front page. There was a time someone asked me how to create a contact form that delivers the message into your email on WordPress. I was like, I should have this already on my blog because I claim to write about blogging tips. I won’t like to have this kind of posts on my front page because I feel I should have written about that a long time before. So, what I did was to create that article and back-date it so that it didn’t appear on the home page.

2. You cannot be online every time: you don’t live in the internet so you cannot be online every time. You will have some other engagements that will take you off the internet on some days, except you don’t have a life. If this happens to you, you need not fret any more because there is a solution; you just might not know about it. You can schedule your posts to appear live in future, you don’t have to be online. People normally ask me how I stay online round the clock but the truth is, I don’t stay online 24/7. How then do I make posts even in the night? I only schedule my posts to any date and time I want. Some can argue that they have WordPress applications on their phones and can publish a post at anytime. Yes, there is WordPress for Blackberry, WordPress for iOS, WordPress App for Nokia and so on; but what if you go out of coverage? Think about that.

3. When there is nothing to blog about: this is one of the many things you can do when there is nothing to blog about. Just bring an old post that is still relevant to the front.

To start back-dating or scheduling your posts, follow the following simple steps:

To Schedule A Post In WordPress For Publication at a Future Date:

1. Write your article and carry out all necessary formatting. You can also preview and read through to check for any mistakes. Save it as draft.

2. Now open the article again, at the top left position, just beside the post editor, locate “Publish Immediately” and click on EDIT.

Schedule Post ‹ Cynamix — WordPress 1

3. Now set the Month, Day, Year and Time you want the post published. Click OK!

Schedule Post ‹ Cynamix — WordPress 2

4. The “Publish” button will now change to “Schedule” and that’s what you have to click after you are done with the post.

Schedule Post ‹ Cynamix — WordPress 3

To Back-date the publication of a post in WordPress:

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 above and change the date to a past date, click “Okay” and then “Publish” when you are through. The post will be published immediately but recorded as published on that day you set and will not appear in your recent posts.

To Bring an old post back to the front in WordPress

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 above and change the date to a past date, click “Okay” and then “Update” when you are through. The post will be re-published again at the set date and time.

Now that you know all these, you can simply create posts and automate them to publish in advance, even while you are sleeping. More WordPress Tutorials Here!

Hope this helps!


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