How To Synchronize Opera Mobile Bookmarks, Speed Dial & Notes For Use On Web Browsers

This post simply shows how to synchronize Opera Mobile bookmarks, to access your Opera Mini Information, Bookmarks, Speed dial and Notes on other devices even when you are on a desktop browsers or any other browser than Opera. This helps you access your browser information on the go.

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I tried to download Opera Mini Next on my Blackberry recently and I thought it would replace the Opera Mini that I was using, automatically taking up all the bookmarks, speed dials and notes but I was wrong. The Opera Mini Next Browser was installed independently of the existing browser and I was faced with the challenge of getting my bookmarks back. The idea of copying it manually first came to my mind but later thought “this is crude for God’s sake”. There should be a better solution which I found out to be simple and with more features than I expected.

The Simple way to activate this is to make use of Opera Link.

To use Opera Link, you need to use the Opera browser that you have your bookmarks and other information on, and an Opera account. Opera accounts are also used for the My Opera community website, the developer site Dev.Opera, and Opera Unite. So, if you have any of those accounts, you can use it to log in to opera link.

How To Enable Opera Link on your mobile phone

  1. Open the Opera that you have the bookmarks on, on your mobile phone. Now go to Menu > Settings > Opera Link. For older versions of Opera, such as Opera Mini 4.3, on the start page, select Synchronize Opera.
  2. Log in with your Opera account username and password, or create one by completing your details. You have now synchronized your browser data. Opera will continue to synchronize your data until you log out.

Synchronize Opera Mobile

Accessing Opera Link data from the Web or other browsers

Go to and log in using your Opera account details. The web version of Opera Link allows you to access some of your synchronized data — bookmarks, Speed Dial, and notes — from any web browser.

Let me explain better. For Opera Mini on mobile, you can only synchronize bookmarks, speed dials and search engines. While synchronizing, if you choose to synchronize bookmarks you will only have access to your bookmarks when you try to access it on PC. When you log in to your opera link on PC, it adds the bookmarks from you synchronized to your PC browser. It continues to update it so that when you add or delete a bookmark from your Opera Mobile, it does the same automatically on your PC browser too. You can watch a video demo of this process here if you still don’t get it.

Now you should know how to synchronize Opera Mobile bookmarks so that you can use them on other browsers and desktop browsers. I will soon write on how to do the exact reverse- synchronize Desktop Opera Browser information and bookmarks to use on your mobile Opera Browser.

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