Is the “Great Storm” Affecting RIM’s Blackberry Messenger?

It was in the news yesterday that a ferocious storm wiped out Amazon’s Cloud Service on the 29th day of June, 2012 and this caused a power outage also in many homes in Washington DC and Northern Virginia.
The Elastic Compute Cloud in Northern Virginia which hosts several popular services including Netflix streaming movies, social photo app Instagram, and virtual pinboard Pinterest, succumbed to the storm last night, leaving thousands without their services.

This vicious storm which brought down some buildings, uprooted trees, really affected the availability of these services from Pinterest, Netflix and Instagram and also took some lifes with it.

Dailymail reported that Netflix users were unable to stream TV shows and movies while the popular internet service was down following a power outage in Northern Virginia, ‘Fun and quirky’ photo sharing
site Instagram was also down and Social Pinboard site Pinterest was also down as a result of the outage.

All these companies took to Twitter to inform their users of this problem, update them on what they are doing and promised to get their service back on track as soon as possible. Here are some of the screenshots of their tweets:




While this problem was on and affected companies were updating their users on the problem, there were rumours going round among Blackberry users that RIM might have been affected by this storm. How true is this? We don’t know but you might be tempted to believe that because it has been a nightmare using RIM’s Blackberry Messenger since the storm.

I use a Blackberry too and since the storm, I’ve not been able to change my display picture, my status message and some of the broadcast messages I sent on friday are still on their way to the recipents’ phones. Many other Blackberry users are also complaining about this but we haven’t seen RIM come out to tell us if they have been affected or not.

All we can do now is to wait for the service to get restored and maybe there would be an explanation for the problems Blackberry users are facing.

I welcome comments and suggestions perhaps someone knows something that I don’t know at the time of making this post. Let’s keep ourselves informed of this situation. Thank you!

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