Is Twitter, Unlike Facebook Really Meant For The Intelligent?

Twitter and Facebook are the greatest social networks in the world. Even the newest product of Google, the social networking Google+, can hardly compete with these two social networks. Google plus has really leveraged on their other products widely used by people to draw internet users to join Google plus. When you register a new Gmail account now, you get an automated message from the Google+ Team which has a video to guide you on how to get started with Google plus.

Twitter or Facebook

“Facebook and Twitter at the moment are still the most used and they have the highest number of users. However, if I have to compare, Twitter is still better than Facebook.” Those are the words of one of my good friends and I’m pondering on whether to agree with him or not.


Facebook has more users than Twitter, we all know that but have you ever wondered why most famous celebrities, politicians, sportsmen, and all newspapers tend to use Twitter instead of Facebook. Someone once claimed that the reason perhaps is because the of simplicity of Twitter itself but I think they expect to meet more knowledgeable people on Twitter who are willing to learn and also have the capacity to understand information quicker. I must tell you that the same cannot be said on Facebook. I’m not saying that intelligent people are not using Facebook, but that the more intelligent ones are the ones also using Twitter.


Have you ever tried to ask many people who go online often but are not on Twitter why they don’t use it? The responses I’ve gotten are: “it’s rubbish”, “I don’t even understand the site”, “that rubbish site, they communicate using symbols”. All these pointers are drawing me along the path of wanting to support that notion but I really want people to come out and help me in making a decision by sharing their view here.

I know some people are ready to draw the dagger at this point asking “is this enough reason to draw that conclusion?” Well it’s not over yet, I have more to tell you.


Have you noticed the way many status messages are written on Facebook? Many users just write words enough to write a textbook on their statuses and you won’t just get the message at the end of the day. Many of them are even filled with grammatical blunders and poor construction of sentences. Nobody is perfect in English, we are all learning everyday but some mistakes from a University graduate are not forgivable. Yes! I know you will start pointing out mistakes in my own write-up at this point. Go ahead! I know it’s not poor and you can get the message.

Twitter as we know forces us to be more concise, and to just publish what really matters! You have to make the best use of the number of words you are allowed. I must confess that, it is hard to get your point across in 140 characters sometimes, but it also helps cut down on the inane chatter. This is one of the major reasons some people believe only good thinkers can achieve this. Is this the same reason you could follow the likes of Bill Gate on Twitter but not on Facebook? Perhaps they believe you won’t send them a whole textbook to pass them a message. They are business people and they don’t have the luxury of time to start reading your ill-formatted textbook on Facebook. Twitter assures them you can’t tweet more than 140 characters.


There is a general belief that whoever follows you on Twitter really is interested in your tweets. The more followers you have, the more highly people think of you on twitter because they think of you as part of those people that “make sense” on Twitter. That’s why some marketers would pay you to tweet something about their products. This last point is by the way and I just added that to show an advantage of Twitter over Facebook.

Really, I haven’t made up my mind yet but I’m tending towards the path of Twitter supporters. Maybe by the time I read your comments and reactions to this, I will be able to decide who to follow.


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    Now see, the so called intellectuals on twitter has refused to share this post. You have more Facebook likes and shares now. Ahahahahaah!

    • Reply July 25, 2012

      Ahmed Ogundimu

      Is that going to count in my decision to count in making my decision? Well, let’s see. Thank for taking note of that!

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