Open Source ASP- WAP Mobile Website With Forums, Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging

Nigeria is a country with a lot of potentials when we are talking about Information and Communication Technology. Nigeria is in the developmental stage of ICT progress and people who invest in it at this stage will be among the leaders in the nearest future.

Wonder why the almighty Google came to invest in Nigeria? They have seen this potential.I want to do my best to see that Nigerian investments hold large share of the market and that is one of the reasons I’m creating this post. This post will let you have your own ASP-WAP Website with little effort.

This is a wap site source code written in asp and wml. This code is a starter level wap site for people who wants to build their own wap/mobile internet community.

How to / Installation
Open all .asp files and replace MySiteName string with your site name; you can use Editplus text editor to do that.
If you want to change forum names open default.asp and find “sub gbv” and there change Forum1,Forum2… to your forum names. You can add unlimited forums.
If you want to chat room names, find “sub csec” and change room names. You can add unlimited chat rooms.

Admin page is admin.asp and default pw is “admin” to change it find “sub checklogin” in admin.asp and change it to what ever you want.

adminRenamer.asp is a security measure and lets you to rename admin.asp whenever you want. There is no special software needed to run this application. All you need is a windows based hosting and 5-10 mb space.

In addition, you might want to cheek if you have read/write access to Ms Access database files. Without it site will not work.

Once you have uploaded it use your phone or a wml editor software to access your site. This application released under GNU General Public License (GPL).

You cannot sell or claim money out of this application.
Although it is not necessary, i would like you to mention the owner’s site or nick name in your wap site.

Main features are Forums,Chat room and Instant messaging.
Admin section allows you to delete forum posts,ban users.
There are some other small stuff but i don’t have time to explain here and it is pretty basic to find out. 

Nolovelust Site

Site Software



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    Donald Cooke

    hey ive been rooting around for a while now trying to figure out how to build my own mobile site for role players. id love to get my hands on this.

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    A good write up always comes-up with new and exciting information and while reading I feel that this blog is really one of those that qualifies for the blog-of-the-year award…BTW…I am studing designing mobile sites, so very interesting ! … keep posting !!!

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    am by name nnamdi

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